Happy Turkey Day!

Hi! I hope this post finds you well and happy, ready for a needed break for Thanksgiving. I’d like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope this week gives you some time to reflect on the things for which you are grateful, and that you can take the time to say thank you to those around who made you who you are, and are helping to make you who you want to become.

I’m grateful most for my family. My wife, Meg, and all my six monkeys (kids) make me a better man each day, and I adore them for the strength and support they are. I’m grateful for a warm home and all these great things in life, and the ability to make it even better.

Tomorrow will be great! I’m grateful and amazed at the excess we have in this country. I’m skipping the Turkey Bowl this year to go get beat up at CrossFit Timpanogos, and I’m grateful I can do that. That should give me enough excuse to wear sweats so I can eat so much tomorrow that my pants won’t fit…right? I’ll be enjoying some football and hanging out with family, and I hope you can do the same.

From us to you, Happy Thanksgiving!