We are a service-oriented company. We operate this way: we educate you, and empower you to not only succeed financially, but to create real wealth. We build this upon our five service areas of expertise:






It's very simple. We empower you through financial education, and then our products align to meet your needs, based on time-tested financial principles. Our products are Annuities, Life Insurance, Mortgages & Retirement Planning.


Having a long track record and years of experience helps to be able to get the best annuities around. We prefer the strength and guarantees behind fixed indexed annuities. Here is an excellent video to introduce you to them:


We offer all forms of life insurance, including term, whole life, indexed universal life (IUL), universal life (UL), etc.; we are licensed in 24 states with 42 of the highest rated companies.

Unique to our company is a product we call LifeBank™. 

“LifeBank™ is the financial process of creating a SAFE, SECURE, and GUARANTEED retirement through dividend-paying whole life insurance, while creating a personal family bank to finance your own capital needs throughout your life. This redirects the interest you are now paying to banks back into your family’s estate, creating a rich legacy for you and your family.”

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Having over 16 years of experience with all kinds of mortgages allows you to have an advantage over other mortgage lenders. We've seen and done it all in the mortgage world. We are a WHOLESALE MORTGAGE BROKER. To look us up, you can find our company Total Financial Health, LLC on the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) under ID #1490299; our Principal Lending Manager (PLM) Johnny Thomas can be found in the NMLS under ID #102894.

What does all that mean to you? Two things: LOW RATES, and LOW FEES. We don't have tons of overhead and other crazy expenses, so we pass those savings along to you. No junk fees, a HUGE variety of different loan options that most banks and brokers don't have, and tons of industry knowledge gets you the best loan, with the best rate, and the lowest fees for your situation, period.

We have done and do all residential mortgage financing, including: conventional Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans, VA, FHA, USDA, construction, etc. If you need a mortgage, we've done it many times before, so getting a mortgage analysis to make sure it's right for you is crucial!

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Simple Loan Calculator


We believe that anyone can have a SAFE, COMFORTABLE, and SECURE retirement. But, what is retirement? We like to define retirement as this: that day when you have secured enough wealth and income streams, that you can choose to work or not. This can happen early or late, depending on you, but one thing we KNOW, most do not get there because they don't have a written plan, and they don't review the plan annually with their advisors. We are determined to change this. A written plan is so important!

We have some awesome tools that we use to map out your retirement plan. Using Riskalyze, RetireUp, and other tools, along with a team of professionals that manage over $2 billion in assets. Our experience and resources, combined with cutting edge technology, make a beautiful report that gives you a step by step process to get you to a prosperous retirement. Imagine if you had a number, a monthly amount that if you put into savings each month you should hit all your retirement goals! That's what we call your golden number; think of it as your car payment, but it's your prosperous retirement payment.

In order to get a free retirement report, that will include your GOLDEN NUMBER and how much you need to save monthly to have a prosperous retirement, please fill out the following questionnaire and we'll get back with you quickly!

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