I had lunch with my CPA Larry a few weeks back, and we had a good conversation I wanted to tell you about. We talked about some tax questions I had, then we got into retirement and how to plan for it. To understand, Larry prepares hundreds, if not thousands of tax returns every year and has to deal with tax questions all day. He gets to see where people do well and where they go wrong.

I was shown a statistic a few years ago, and it’s only gotten worse. The average American, when they retire, retires with $56,000 net worth, including equity in their homes. Isn’t that sick`?! I talked to Larry about it and he said he sees it all the time. I asked him what he thought the problem was? His answer was interesting. He said, “people just don’t even get started. It doesn’t matter as much the plan they have, they just don’t have a plan.”

That was something I hadn’t thought about. The biggest thing we all need to do is just do it? That amazed me. It made me wonder, are we all in a state of paralysis because we don’t know what to do? We don’t know where to start? Are we in too big of a financial mess to even have the motivation to start?

With that in mind we’re going to be rolling out a program to help people get started. We’re calling it the Road Map to Financial Fitness and it’s going to be a step by step process that will just show how to get better financially. You will be able to jump in at any point in your life, look at the Road Map and get started. If it all comes down to just “doing it”, then isn’t it time you started? Get ready, this will be fun!