I get asked a lot about who I listen to and study for financial tips/news. One man I follow a lot is Peter Schiff, and here is the latest example of why:


Do you see all the talking heads on all the shows that laugh at him when he says what turns out to be correct? DON'T LISTEN TO THEM! They are consistently wrong on many topics, and have been wrong on MAJOR items, like the housing meltdown, policies, where the market is headed, precious metals, etc. Do yourself a favor and google "peter schiff was right" and watch the videos about the housing meltdown. Make mental notes of all the pretend "experts" who laughed at Peter Schiff in derision over the housing meltdown, then with that mental note don't listen to them any more! An honest mistake happens, but a mistake of that proportion, not seeing the housing bubble coming, should cause some concern in their advice. Even the venerable Dave Ramsey was and is wrong about many things (google "dave ramsey was wrong", you'll see).

So, find people who give solid, conservative advice and have a good track record, then listen to them as you form your opinions on financial matters. Put a plan in place, and RUN WITH IT! We'd be happy to help you!