Ben Franklin.jpg

I heard a quote today that I really liked, and it made me think a bit. Ben Franklin said:

“All mankind is divided into three classes: Those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move.”

My first thoughts were that I need to be a mover, a person who doesn’t let the world move me but I move the world. But then, I got to thinking about the immovable and movable types as well, and I think we need to have all three parts of those in our lives. But, there are problems. I think we all struggle with being immovable in aspects of our lives where we should be movable; we also are movable in our lives where we should be firm and immovable.

Shouldn’t our morals and ethics be immovable? But, do you ever find yourself compromising your morals or ethics, even in the little things? Do you know anyone who professes to be a moral or ethical person but those standards change when it benefits them to move their morals?

Another one is that we should be movable in our attitudes on politics, relationships, science and many other moving targets. Aren’t these things fluid where we can learn and adapt as we go? Couldn’t we listen to others and try to understand their point of view? So many people get rigid and immovable in these parts of life, and many others, where being flexible and empathetic could help resolve a lot of contention.

Now, for the movers. What am I doing today to move the world? What am I doing to change my life and make it important enough that someone else will stand up and say, “wow, I want to be like you!” What am I doing to help someone else today rather than to sit back and ask what someone else is going to do for me? I will be a mover, I will affect someone’s life today for the better, I will not be immovable in my actions to better those around me. I will be a mover.