We teach our community of clients the financial principles that will enable them to build wealth on any income, live a debt free lifestyle, and create a rich and lasting legacy for their families.

But, why do we do this? For us, it's all about time. Money and finances become pervasive and dominate so much of our clients;lives, and it's mostly because they mismanage their finances. Let's stop that! We do our work in such a way that we give you back more of your time to spend on yourself, with your family, and doing what you want. Money is a tool, a means to an end, not the end itself; when we teach you how to use this tool, it becomes a weapon for you to create the life YOU want to live.

So, come along with us! Get a financial plan in place, get a debt payoff plan nailed down, and start investing for your future, so you can create the life you really want!



Total Financial Health, LLC started in 2001 as a mortgage brokerage, and has expanded into a holistic financial advisory firm to help in the areas of: Life Insurance, Mortgages, Retirement Planning, and Investment Advice. We are a small firm, backed by a large team that gives us the same clout as the large firms, but you as a client are included like a trusted friend. Basically, together we set your course, then meet as often as you need to keep you on course to a prosperous life!



Specialties: Investments, Assets Under Management, Life Insurance, Mortgages, Estate and Retirement Planning, and Annuities. 

Bio: In 2001 I started in the lending business and I have loved working with families to get their financial lives in better shape. In 2003 I started doing financial coaching and have coached hundreds of families into better financial situations. I believe in principle-based approaches to finances; I believe in paying off all debt as quickly as possible; I believe anyone can prepare for retirement on any income, and be ready to choose when they want to work if they follow the correct financial principles. I've been a licensed mortgage broker since 2001, a licensed life insurance professional since 2007 licensed in 11 states with 42 companies, and a series 65 licensed professional money manager since 2012.

I graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.A. in Linguistics with a Minor in Spanish; I hold an MBA from University of Maryland University College. I'm fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian; I'm conversant in Greek and Hebrew, and I read Latin.

I am currently the father of seven monkeys (kids) and I'm married to my sweetheart Meg. We’re an active family; you’ll always catch us hiking, camping, running, doing CrossFit, homeschooling, and hanging out together. We have one dog and one cat, who are parts of the family too. But, the dogs are way cooler than the cat...