About Us

Total Financial Health, LLC started in 2001 as a mortgage brokerage, and has expanded into a Wealth Strategies Firm to help in the areas of: Life Insurance, Mortgages, Retirement Planning, and Annuities. We love to work in all areas of finance, which allows us to take a holistic view of our clients' finances. This big picture allows us to create a financial plan for life, with a step by step written plan to follow to make it simple. Basically, together we set your course, then meet as often as you need to keep you on course to a prosperous life!

Our Purpose

We teach our community of clients the financial principles that will enable them to build wealth on any income, live a debt free lifestyle, and create a rich and lasting legacy for their families.


How do we do this? By introducing you to our Six Simple Steps to Financial Wellness!


  1. Spend less than you make.

  2. Pay yourself first by saving 10% of your income.

  3. Get completely out of debt AND live a debt free lifestyle.

  4. Make your money work for you.

  5. Build your savings on a guaranteed foundation.

  6. Be charitable.

Our Team


Bryndee family pic

Johnny Thomas -  CEO: Total Financial Health, LLC

Specialties: Investments, Assets Under Management, Life Insurance, Mortgages, Estate and Retirement Planning, and Annuities. 

Bio: In 2001 I started in the lending business and I have loved working with families to get their financial lives in better shape. In 2003 I started doing financial coaching and have coached hundreds of families into better financial situations. I believe in principle-based approaches to finances; I believe in paying off all debt as quickly as possible; I believe anyone can prepare for retirement on any income, and be ready to choose when they want to work if they follow the correct financial principles. I've been a licensed mortgage broker since 2001, a licensed life insurance professional since 2007 licensed in 11 states with 42 companies, and a series 65 licensed professional money manager since 2012.

I graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.A. in Linguistics with a Minor in Spanish; I hold an MBA from University of Maryland University College. I'm fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian; I'm conversant in Greek and Hebrew, and I read Latin.

I am currently the father of 6 monkeys (kids) and I'm married to my sweetheart Meg. We’re an active family; you’ll always catch us hiking, camping, running, doing CrossFit, homeschooling, and hanging out together. We have two dogs and one cat, who are parts of the family too. But, the dogs are way cooler than the cat...


Beginning in 1987 Steve’s goal has been to preserve and enhance clients’ wealth, while helping provide customized strategies to individuals and families.  Steve has had the benefit of experience through numerous market cycles while serving clients in the securities divisions of two of the ‘TOP 10’ banks as well as two premier brokerage firms in the U.S. with many associations with the strongest companies providing annuity and retirement benefits.
Having assisted hundreds of clients through business and life issues (employees of Campbell’s, HP, Motorola, Procter & Gamble, Intel, Lockheed, AT&T, UPS, Chevron and numerous school districts have used Steve’s information and guidance), Steve has provided options to increase income and liquidity, reduce taxes, and avoid outliving one’s money. 

On this journey Steve has discovered how important a professional with broad knowledge and expertise is for coordinating a financial strategy ― and he concluded that in order for individuals, families and small businesses to be truly successful in their financial and investment planning they needed a highly trained, independent financial advisory team, loyal only to their needs.

Steve is part of the “Sandwich Generation”, but when time allows he enjoys a variety of outdoor sports and travel; and simply enjoying  the outdoor treasures like Yellowstone, Crater Lake, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe and wonderful west-coast beaches with his wife of 30+ years, three kids, (youngest still in college) and an ever-hungry sheltie.