With more than 40 years of experience in helping our community of clients plan for a prosperous retirement, we have noticed an underserved segment of the American worker: the federal employee. This page is a powerful resource for the federal employee, as well as a place to make contact with us, so that we can help you:

1. Stop overpaying for overpriced life insurance, i.e. FEGLI.

2. Get a free federal employee benefits analysis (FEBA) to guide you into your retirement (valued at $300), including an analysis of your federal annuity, your FEGLI payments, your health benefits, and your TSP.

3. Understand what you need to retire WHEN YOU WANT, and what it takes to get there.

4. Protect your retirement savings, and guarantee them so they have NO LOSSES.

5. Learn your options! You can move your money into tax free, guaranteed financial vehicles right now! Ask us about LifeBank, and learn how to take control of your retirement, and stop paying too much in taxes.

Please, we urge you, take action now! Don't put your retirement at risk by not understanding the risks to your money. We have helped thousands of federal employees from losing their retirement for which they have worked so hard, and we'd love to help you. Here are a few resources for you:

Download Vince Bono's TSP White Paper

TSP to Roth conversion calculator

Download the webinar slides

Understand Fixed Index Annuities

Social Security - Horse's Mouth explanation

John Grobe's federal retirement Bible

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